The things that make my heart beat a little harder.

Hi There, I’m Lauren!

Hey, thanks for stopping by to my little corner of the world. I seriously am so glad you are here!

I know it is so overwhelming trying to choose a photographer for the seemingly biggest day of your life. So, I am not going to waste your time; I am going to jump right into it— to see if we are a perfect fit!

I love people. What I love most about people is what makes us all unique, the things that make you you, and only you! Then you meet someone and fall in love (look above to see the guy that I fell in love with) and the combination of your personalities, your likes and dislikes, etc. forms a beautiful relationship. Some full of quirks and adventures and laughter, some full of intellect and independence, and some a mixture of both. I think each relationship deserves to be captured for how beautifully unique it is.

So, because of my passion for people and photography I created a business where I do just that. I make friends, we create art together as I direct your interaction in front of my camera to provoke genuine emotion. I call my work art, because I truly pour my heart and soul into all that I do, all that I create.

During your wedding day I will get all the posed family and couple shots, along with all the little details, the silly in-betweens, the moments you doubt anyone saw, because I whole-heartedly see the value in all of it. Every single moment.

I want your photos to make you smile, maybe even cry some happy tears? If you want to learn more drop a message below!

If not, thanks so much for stopping by!

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I believe in capturing you, just as you are. The really real moments. The most beautiful ones.