So Happy You're Here! Okay, this might be a lot, but just bear with me. It's all important. Your wedding is a big deal, one of the most special days of your life-- and it needs to be perfect. I don't want photography to be another checklist on your things to do, but rather something that is valued. Honestly, not much will matter after the day is over--like the flowers or the seating arrangements. But, the photos will last forever and they will become something you can treasure and look back at every day to remember every little moment! You deserve the best. You deserve a photographer that fits all your wants and needs. So if you're just shopping around for the cheapest deal, you won't be able to value all that I want to give you. If you want someone to show up with a fancy camera and pose you all in the "perfect-looking" photos, we probably won't be the best fit. That's not to say I won't get all the details and family shots but I want to be more than another vendor at your wedding. Together we will be able to dig deeper to capture all the emotion and beauty that is evident from the inside out. I want you to be able to look back at your images and be like "Holy cow, these pictures represent everything I love about our relationship."  It'll be an amazing, fun, awesome, creative, (insert all the synonyms) experience that you won't forget. By the end of the shoot, after we've danced like fools, you won't even remember that the camera is there because you'll just be having a blast with your love. Let’s beautify the really real stuff and tell a story together.