The things that make my heart beat a little harder.
Hi There, I’m Lauren!

First of all I'm just so so thrilled you stopped by to see what I'm all about, because I'm just so interesting haha

Anyways, I am a wedding + portrait photographer based out of Central Illinois. I love traveling, thai food, and pretty much anything to do with creativity. You can find me outside photographing randomness or trying a weird recipe. I live in a small town in IL and am married to the most awesome human ever! Together we try and make each day count and they're usually filled with so much laughter and random explorations!

I’ve been photographing for about 5 years now and have explored all the different avenues of photography that there are. Meeting new people and creating relationships are just the surface of my love for photography. I'll be me, you be you, and we can create beautiful work– because, of course –that’s when true art is formed. I wanna be more than just a photographer at your wedding. That might sound kinda weird, but it's the truth. For me, it's all about making a connection with the subject(s) I am photographing so that we can create art that knocks both sets of our socks off. I'm not just gonna capture all the little details and family posed shots but I am gonna get the little moments that you doubt no one else sees. I wanna tell a story, your unique love story that makes your relationship so special.

I’m not all about awkward, stiff posing for your photos. I’m into the fun, sarcastic, quirky moments that are found daily in your relationship– the things that show how genuine and true your love is. Honestly, I am just a crazy passionate person that craves authenticity in the rarest form possible.

Tell me about you + your story. Let’s connect and create something unimaginably beautiful together!!!

I believe in capturing you, just as you are. The really real moments. The most beautiful ones.